• Sprucedale Guest Ranch

    Nestled high in the pine country of Northeastern Arizona, elevation 7600 ft., is Sprucedale Guest Ranch. Sprucedale has been in the Wiltbank family since 1941, and is a haven for people from all over the world to come ride some great horses, relax, and feel close to nature.

    Sprucedale is rich in history unsurpassed in mountain scenery and renowned for being an unbeatable family vacation spot. The cabins are lovely and rustic with modern conveniences. They are simple, yet homey clean and comfortable. This enables the Wiltbank's to keep their rates very affordable. About seventy five percent of guests, some 2nd and 3rd generation visitors, are returnees.

    Horseback riding takes center stage at Sprucedale and is a sheer pleasure for beginner and experienced riders alike. The Wiltbanks raise and train their own horses, and are able to choose the right mount for each rider. Elk, deer, antelope, and big horn sheep are frequently seen on the riding trails which vary from grassy meadows to trails along beautiful mountain streams.

    In addition to horse back riding, there are other activities for all ages: cow milking, gymkhana rodeos, colt leading, branding, western dance lessons, cookouts, fishing, great hiking trails, extended rides and much more. Some guests choose to merely sit on their porch and drink in the beauty and peace of this picturesque valley.

    However, it is the warm hospitality of the Wiltbank Family and their friendly helpful staff what makes you feel at home while participating in this unique ranch experience.

  • The beautiful, peaceful surroundings are just one of the things that bring guests back year after year. Sprucedale is surrounded by the Apache National Forest, with its stand of Ponderosa Pine, Aspen, and of course, Spruce trees. The grassy meadows are decorated by a wide variety of wildflowers and crystal-clear streams, with deer, elk , antelope and big horn sheep grazing nearby.

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  • ur head wrangler will select one of our seasoned trail horses for you based on your horseback riding ability and past experience. You will be asked to sign a release form at the beginning of your stay and will be asked about your riding ability. Please be honest on your ability. When we make a good match, you??re experience is much more satisfying and you get to stay with ??your?? horse for the duration of your stay.

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  • Mornings Cow Milking, Riding Demo, Morning Wrangle, Saddling, Trail Ride
    Afternoons Colt Leading, Rodeo Practice, Volleyball, Basketball, Playground Time, Wading in the Creek, Hiking, Fishing, you name it!!

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