• Arizona Dude Ranch Association Member Ranches

    What better way to enjoy the best of Arizona than a dude ranch vacation. Savor the real Western lifestyle, where the world moves at a more relaxed pace, and where horseback riding is an everyday treat. Whether you're looking for a family adventure, a solitary retreat, or a romantic getaway, you'll find what you've always dreamed of in the warmth of the Arizona sun. Celebrate an experience of a lifetime at your choice of one of our distinctive Arizona dude ranches.

    A Ranch for All Reasons...

    The Arizona Dude Ranch Association was formed to help introduce you to only quality guest ranches that have met our high standards. All of our members are committed to preserving the tradition of Western hospitality.

    Our ranches are as diverse as our state, ranging from the more traditional smaller, remote ranches, where horseback riding and ranching are the primary focus, to our larger resort-style guest ranches, with all the amenities. (See the map and comparison chart to choose your dream dude ranch destination.)