• Hideout Ranch

    When you Come Hideout... on horseback, you'll see the West as it was meant to be seen - from the back of a horse. Wherever we ride, however long we ride, horseback riding at Hideout Ranch in Arizona will set your inner cowboy on the trail to discovery. It doesn't matter if you've never been on a horse or have ridden hundreds of times. Our seasoned horses are personable, trail-savvy companions for "greenhorns" and experienced riders alike. Hideout Ranch's strategic location gives us easy access to over a million acres of mountain and high desert riding trails in the Chiricahua and Dragoon Mountains - trails no other ranch in Southeastern Arizona rides.

    We ride our horses the way cowboys rode their horses as they explored the frontier and settled the west - as partners teamed against a vast wilderness. Like cowboys, we ride at a measured pace to drink in the wonders of a land waiting to be discovered by our guests. After new riders put their boot in a stirrup for the first time at Hideout Ranch, they learned more about themselves while riding than they didn’t know they didn't know. Even experienced riders and horse owners have met their own inner cowboys while riding our unbelievable trails. Every ride is a chance to expand the experience - as if each step is a lesson not only in riding, but in life.

    Hideout Ranch also offers lessons, round-ups and cattle work, overnight pack trips, working ranch activities, and plenty of peace and quiet to unwind and recharge.

  • East of the main crossbars stands a cluster of quaint buildings, weathered and warmed by the Arizona sun. Welcome to Hideout Ranch...

    On the corner of Main Street and Waterline Road, the Red Dog Saloon, with its distinctive Hideout Red doors, waits as the gathering place where guests become friends, and friends become family. Three private guest accommodations – The Bunkhouse, The Line Shack, and The Cottage – are steps away. The Annex is tucked in a shady glen nearer the Chiricahuas.

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  • At Hideout Ranch, horses are our focus, and riding them in the breath-taking Southwest landscape is our primary activity. Boasting a National Parks and National Forest permit, we have access to over a million acres of fascinating and historic mountains, flats, canyons, and valleys. Our approach encourages our guests to develop and design their Hideout Ranch adventure. We want them to leave better riders, better horsepeople. Come Hideout… on horseback with the best horses, best riding, in all of Arizona.

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  • Hideout Ranch offers great horseback riding to fantastic destinations, but there are myriad other activities available. There are as many places to hike as there are to ride (but it is more fun on horseback...). You’re welcome to tour area historic sites, mines, and ghost towns, or indulge in the vast opportunities for photography, stargazing, and bird watching (the valley is a major migratory path for hundreds of species)…

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  • Directions for map below: - (some roads do not show)

    Turn east on Sky Ranch Road. A large Hideout Ranch sign on the west side of 80 points toward the turn. After a mile, turn right on Hideout Ranch Road. Follow it through the double green gates as it bears left onto the ranch. Drive under the main Crossbars, and turn east toward the cluster of building. There is a parking lot behind the Red Dog Saloon.