Apache Spirit Ranch
Tombstone, Arizona

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The Apache Spirit Ranch is situated on over 270 acres and was built to resemble an 1881 Western frontier town. We are surrounded by thousands of acres of unending freedom and adventure with real cowboys and real Indians. This truly is a horseman's paradise created on historical Apache Indian hunting grounds. Here, you can realize your childhood dreams, stepping back into the heyday of the cowboy in our individually designed rooms; each with a unique historical Western theme. Experience all of the adventure of the historic Wild West with all the comforts and conveniences of the modern world.

Our all-inclusive package includes daily trail rides for all our ranch guests. But if you are real horse lover who wants to ride even more, we can offer you more of an equine stay! Riding lessons with our experienced wranglers or extended 1- 4 hour riding tours to the surrounding mountains and sights will ensure you have your fill.

Located just a few steps from our main street is a symbolic bridge, which will tranport you into the spiritual world of the Native Americans. Apaches built “Nde ‘Gowanii” an original Chiricahua Apache camp with real Wickiups and Teepees. Every now and then Native Americans visit us at the Apache Spirit Ranch.

We offer an array of different activities and entertainment for our guests. Enjoy your evening with live music, a drink in our Old Trappmann Saloon, and the chance to learn how to play poker. We assure you, there will never be a dull moment at the Apache Spirit Ranch!

Other activities include breakfast rides, horseshoe pitching, dummy roping, cowboy school, swimming pool, jacuzzi, and a pool/billiard table. Nightly entertainment options include Indian storytelling, reptile shows, saloon parties, campfires, live music, poker nights, and gunfights in the saloon…

Apache Spirit Ranch
895 West Monument Road
P.O. Box 1272
Tombstone, Arizona 85638
Phone: (520) 457-7299
Fax: (520) 457-7290

Web Site: http://www.apachespiritranch.com
E-Mail: info@apachespiritranch.com


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